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Short essay on New Year celebration in English - 400 Words

Mesopotamia created the concept of New Year celebration in 2000 BC. New Year’s Eve celebration commemorates the last day of the year after a period of remembrance of the passing year, including on TV, radio and in newspapers. Articles are published which review the changes during the previous year. New Year is traditionally a religious feast but from last few years it has become an occasion to celebrate the night of December 31 which is also known as New Year’s Eve. It is supposed to be the largest celebration around the world. The holiday is celebrated with great enthusiasm and a brand new year is welcomed with family and friends and makes you to rejuvenate your mind and forget all your worries. It is often celebrated with fireworks at the stroke of midnight as the New Year commences. Different places have different way of celebrating this grand occasion. In European countries New Year is celebrated with grand firework extravaganza. In Canada, United Kingdom, Netherlands people gather on beaches and run into the water to celebrate this festival. These events are also popular as Polar Bear Plunges.
In London, England thousands of people gather along the embankment of the river Thames to watch the fireworks around the London Eye and New Year officially commence when the Big Ben strikes 12. In Australia New Year is celebrated on January 1. Many people prefer to enjoy picnics and they camp out on the beach as it is a public holiday. They party on the 31st of December and at the midnight they start to make noise with whistle, rattles, horns and church bells just to show their excitement and enthusiasm. 
New Year is a day for outdoor activities such as rodeos, picnics, races and surf carnivals. It is generally celebrated because it signifies the end of twelve months in a person’s life. People reflect on the good and the bad that happened in their life and make choices and resolutions for the upcoming year. They make sure that they don’t repeat the same mistakes which were committed in the last year. Overall, New Year is the time to forget all the mistakes and worries and move forward. As new day is welcomed with joy and smile, same way people welcome the New Year with great positive energy and they look forward for a great successful year again.

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