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Navratri Wishes - SMS, Quotes, Happy Navratri Messages

May Yourself
You Family Members
Be Endowed With Everything
Wonderful This Navratri.
Celebrate These 9 Times To The Fullest!

Its The Unique Duration Of Navratri
And I Don’t Want To Skip
A Opportunity To Say
You Mean To Me More Than You
Enjoy Your Navratri These Days.

May Your Lifes Tyle Be Loaded
With Pleasure On This Pious
Event Of Navratri.
Happy Navratri!

Goddess Durga Prevails Permanently,
Always Abiding In Her Own
Lovely Characteristics And Lives
In The Hearts And Thoughts
And Minds Of Her Perfect Enthusiasts
Happy Durga Mata Day

With Goddess Durga Showering
Her Grace And Blessings
To Fill Our Home And Hearts With It,
May This Navaratri Be Extra Special,
To Share This Moment With The World.
Wish You A Happy Navaratri

Its An Excellent Day Of Navratri
Make A Wish And It Shall Come True
Do Good Actions And Ignore The Rest
Maa Is Regularly Viewing On You
Happy Last Day Of Navratri.

My Silent Prayers Were This Empty Spaces,
Have Been Asking Maa Durga
To Protect And Guide You In All Your Undertakings
Whenever You Are!,
This Is A Prayer Of Sincerity,
Just For You.
Happy Durga Pooja And Navratri.

May Your Life Overflow With Joy,
May Your Soul Be Blessed With Satisfaction And Success.
Wishing You A Shubh Navratri.

May This Navratri You Be Blessed With,
Power, Prosperity, Simplicity, Peace And Love.
Happy Navratri.

Godess Durga Is Embodiment Of Shakti
Who Has Overcome The Evils Of The World.
May This Navaratri,
Everyone Uses Her Blessings And Power
To Overcome Their Problems In Life.
Wish You All A Happy Navaratri
May God Present You Presents Of Lifestyle,
Presents Of Joy,
Presents Of Pleasure,
Presents Of Relationship,
Presents Of Really Like
And All Presents You Want In Your Lifestyle.
Satisfied Navratri.

May Your Family Be Blessed With Love,
Grace And Prosperity Of Goddess Durga.
Let Us Share Our Joy And Fun.
Wish You A Happy Navratri

The Nine Nights Of This Navaratri
Brings Grace, Joy And Fun.
Let The Prayer Be Sung And Dandiya Be Done.
Wish You A Happy Navaratri

Nava Durga Has Come To Our Presence
To Grace Us With Her Supremacy,
Let Us Worship Her With Happiness And Spirit
Cherish Her Blessings And Celebrate With Our Loved Ones
Wish You All A Happy Navratri

Goddess Durga Is Always There To Protect You,
Let Her Guidance Show You
The Way In The Darkest Moments,
And Her Wishes Be Always By Your Side,
Have A Happy Navaratri

Let This Navaratri Vanish The Nine Vices Of Each,
Vanishing The Darkness Of Human Reach,
Glowing Durga Takes The Form Of Beaming Light,
Cleansing The Nature Day And Night,
Wish You All A Happy Navaratri

Let The Bad Vanish And Good Grow
With Peace All Over And Also Within
With The Grace Of Goddess Durga,
Let People And Relations Begin
With Lots Of Love And Celebrations Out And In
Wishes For A Happy Navaratri

I Always See Two Sets Of Footprints In My Dream,
One Is Mine And One Is Of The Goddess Supreme,
When I Have Sorrow,
I See Only One Pair,
The Goddess Says,
I Will Grab And Hold You In Grief,
The Pair Is Mine And You Simply Rest In Sleep.
Wishes For A Happy Navaratri

Welcome The Goddess;
Place All Your Fears On Her Feet
With Her Beside Me,
What Else Is The Need?
With Her Showering Love And Grace,
Spend This Happy Navaratri
With Devotion And Prayers.
Wishes For A Happy Navaratri

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