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Kailadevi Temple Karauli - History, Timings, How to Reach


God Worshipped : Shri Kela Devi
 Location : 25 Kms away to the South of Karauli
 District : Karauli
 Road Distance from Jaipur : 180 Kms
 Built in the year : 1600 AD
 By : Shri Bhompalji the king of Karauli.
 Nearest Airport : Jaipur (180 km)
 Nearest Railway Station : Bharatpur (35 km)
 Cause of Establishment :
 There is a prevalent belief that king Bhompal received instructions from Goddess Kaila Devi to built the temple for her as he was a great devotee of Kaila Devi, he built this temple and since then the place has become so sacred that millions of people from far and wide come here for darshan.
 Brief of the Diety :
 In the sanctum sanctorum, there are two idols. The idol of Kaila Devi is slightly reclined as the neck of the goddess is bend. The idols are very old and they are made of the locally available stone.
 Religious sect to which the temple belongs :
 Shakta sect holds sway of the temple but it is worshiped by all Hindus and all others.
 Architecture of the Temple :
 Important Architectural Characteristics : The temple is a fine example of medieval architecture. The shikhar is very high like pyramid. There is an open court. The Jagmohan (prayer hall is also the same). The ornamental work, engraving and encarving have been done on walls and pillars.
 Material of Construction : Red Stone of Karoli
 Total Construction Time : About 50 years.
 Religious aspects of temple :
 The temple has a strong hold on peoples faith. Kaila Devi is an incarnation of Durga Devi. It is believed that the mela of Kaila Devi is the biggest one in North India.
 Unique features of the temple:
 Festivals & Fairs in Temple (Main Events): In the Navratras of Chaitra and Ashwin every year millions of people come and offer their presence to the Goddess. These days are held as sacred days.
 How To Reach :
 By Road : Karauli is located about 160 km away from Jaipur and you may avail public/private buses or local taxis to reach here.
 By Rail : The nearest railway stations near Karauli are Piloda Railway Station (38.3 km) and Khandip Railway Station (40.0 km). Regular bus and cab services are available here as well.
 By Air: Nearest airports to this town are the Kheria Airport, Agra (127 km) and Jaipur Sanganer Airport (160 km).
 Morning Time : 5.00 am; Evening Time : 10.00 pm
 Custom & Traditions of Temple :
 Though this is a Shakta temple but the traditions followed are the Vaishnavs traditions and as such meat and wine are strictly prohibited. Bhandara (feasting open for all) is organized.


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